Savio Pharma Italia is an Italian pharmaceutical company created to provide the medical class with innovative instruments for people’s health (medicinal products, medical devices and food supplements). Savio Pharma Italia operates through a field force of medical representatives focused on general and specialist medicine in the main areas of musculoskeletal pathologies, diabetes care and endocrinology, for its own and under license products.



The mission of Savio Pharma Italia is to ensure a longer, healthier and happier life to people by offering safe and effective products. We pursue this objective with motivation, enthusiasm and a strong sense of responsibility towards the real needs of our partners, either patients, healthcare professionals, distributors or institutions.

Among our main values, the most characterising is our totally ITALIAN IDENTITY: the sense of belonging to Italian culture, civilisation and language and more than this the awareness of such belonging. That is why our products are mainly developed, manufactured and/or packaged in Italy.

Savio Pharma Italia, in order to ensure the high quality standards of the services provided to healthcare operators, commits itself to obtain every year the Certification of its procedures concerning the scientific information activity, in compliance with the specific guidelines of Farmindustria, which the company is a member of. Such certification is released by ACCREDIA (the Italian certification Body) after verifying the compliance with reference regulations, especially with Legislative Decree n.219/2016 (which transposes into local law the Community Code concerning medicinal products for human use) and Ministry of Health Decree dated April 30th 2015 concerning pharmacovigilance.

We work to satisfy many different needs, not just material but also psychological and emotional, and the more we are able to meet needs with our work, the more we feel motivated to do it better and better. Always giving our best, both as individuals and as a team.

We work to increase our collaborators and our own competences in order to enhance everyone’s strengths.

We constantly pay attention to the immediate effects of our actions in order to promptly make the needed changes to achieve our goals.

We aim at implementing easy and immediate communication processes, allowing everyone to send a comment, express a doubt, make a question, share an observation, exchange news and information.

We strongly believe in positivity, the mental attitude of expecting positive results. A positive mind expects happiness, health and the best possible outcome in every situation. A person who applies a positive approach to life shall always obtain more success in both professional and personal life.




The pursuit of the Company’s interest can never justify a behaviour contrary to the principles of honesty, fairness, legitimacy and transparency. For this reason, the Company’s Administrative Body has adopted the Code of Conduct of F&S Holding S.r.l. which, together with indicating the ethical reference standards, also sets out the rights, duties and responsibilities of all those who, in whichever position, operate within the Company, either as employees, consultants or anyway through a cooperation relationship. The Code of Conduct plays an essential role in enforcing such principles: Savio Pharma Italia S.r.l. commits itself to divulge its contents to everybody it enters into a business relationship with and requests the respect of such Code by all its employees, consultants and/or collaborators. The Code of Conduct also represents a governance instrument and is an integral part of the Company’s “Model of Organisation, Management and Control” for the protection from incriminations according to Legislative Decree n. 231/2001 with reference to the Company’s administrative responsibilities.




EFPIA Code (Code about the Transparency of Value Transfers among Pharmaceutical  Companies, Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations) 

Based on the ethical principles driving its actions and in order to satisfy the more and more pressing and continuous expectations of legality and transparency expressed by both Citizens and Institutions, SAVIO Pharma Italia has adhered with conviction to the EPFIA Code  (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations), whose contents have been included in the Code of Conduct of Farmindustria. The correct and positive relationship established between Pharmaceutical Industry and Healthcare Professionals (HCP: Healthcare Professionals) and/or Healthcare Organisations (HCO: Heathcare Organisations) has always lead to research and develop innovative therapies, aimed at safeguarding one of the fundamental and constitutionally guaranteed Citizens’ rights, i.e. the right to health. In fact, it is useful to highlight that the Transfers of Value between the pharmaceutical Industry and the medical Community, which the EFPIA Code refers to, cannot and should not be exclusively considered as transfers of economic nature; they also convey the mutual transfer of a much important value, i.e. the scientific knowledge, for the benefit of Citizens/Patients.

The cooperation between pharmaceutical Industry, healthcare Operators and healthcare Organisations, already well regulated by the current legislation, becomes even more transparent thanks to the application of the EFPIA Code.Such further transparency in relationships shall consolidate the basis for the future collaborations and lead to further benefits for Citizens/Patients that, having the opportunity to know the contents of such relationships, shall be in the condition to:

• receive the proposed treatments with greater trust and awareness;

• overcome the prejudices and concerns, always present in the public Opinion when a reference to economic relationships (Transfers of values) is present within the Health system.


SAVIO Pharma Italia therefore commits itself to yearly publish on its company website all the direct or indirect economic transfers (Transfers of value), both in cash or kind, made to Healthcare Operators and/or healthcare Organisations the year before. The Transfers of Value, which data publication is requested for, are those relative to the participation to Events (Conventions, Congresses, Visits to production plants…), consulting and professional services, donations and contributions, research and development (clinical, non-clinical and observational trials).

For year 2016, please see the relative TABLE

For year 2017, please see the relative TABLE

For year 2018, please see the relative TABLE

The data publication is made on an individual basis. In case an Operator denies the formal authorisation to data publication, according to the current regulations on privacy SAVIO Pharma Italia S.r.l. publishes the data in an aggregate form. All the Transfers of Value are expressed in Euros (€). The payments made for services, sponsorships, contributions, donations and other services in general, are recorded with reference to the year in question (calendar year) and are usually expressed net of VAT.

In case a withholding tax is applied, the same is included. Other typologies of payments such as those made for services related to Travel and Accommodation (travel documents, hotels and so on) should be intended including VAT to the extent permitted by law.

Code of Conduct of Farmindustria
Savio Pharma Italia deems it essential to have ethical, loyal and transparent relationships with all its interlocutors, either healthcare Operators, Institutions, Citizens, Collaborators or commercial Partners. Based on this, the Company operates in the respect of applicable laws and regulations, of professional ethics and of internal regulations; it is a member of Farmindustria and fully complies with the contents of the CODE OF CONDUCT of this association.


In compliance with the rules of the Code of Ethics adopted by Farmindustria (the  trade association of Italian pharmaceutical companies), SAVIO Pharma Italia publishes the list of Patient Organisations supported last year, including details on the purposes of such support and the level of funding provided. The year 2019 Report can be found HERE.

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