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Terms of Use

The access and consultation of this website are subject to the below terms and conditions and to the current regulations. By accessing or using this site, you acknowledge that you unconditionally agree to such terms and conditions.

Intellectual and industrial property rights 

Unless otherwise and specifically declared in writing by Savio Pharma Italia, the entire contents of www.saviopharma.it  website are subject to the protection of any exclusive patent, copyright, industrial and intellectual property rights belonging to Savio Pharma Italia or to any third party quoted in the website, with reference to the use, reproduction and total or partial redistribution. Website users have no right to economically exploit the contents belonging to Savio Pharma Italia and to third parties referred to in the website, with reference to trademarks,  patents, technologies, products, processes and any other proprietary materials. Users agree to hold Savio Pharma Italia harmless from every claim, loss, liability, litigation and whichever damage resulting from any violation of regulations relative to the rights of third parties, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, patents, intellectual and industrial property rights, unfair competition and defamation, made by users during this website consultation and use.

Warranties and limited liability 

Savio Pharma Italia used its most advanced knowledge and highest professional diligence to provide the information in the www.saviopharma.it  website but makes no warranties or representations of any type as to the presence of whichever imprecise, incomplete or wrong information in its website.
The information contained in the www.saviopharma.it   website and in the linked websites, has an informative purpose only and does not substitute the relationship between citizens and physicians in no way. Therefore whichever kind of information should be discussed with a physician.
Savio Pharma Italia reserves the right to modify the present site at any time and without notice.
Neither Savio Pharma Italia nor any third Company involved in the creation, production or delivery of this website and of whichever else linked to this one can be deemed liable in any way, for any direct, incidental, subsequent or indirect damage arising from the access, use or missed use  of this website and of whichever else linked to this one, or for any mistakes or omissions in the contents.

Promotion and solicitation to purchase

The information contained in the present website has no promotional purpose, nor it represents an offer or a solicitation to prescribe, purchase, supply or market or to whichever transaction involving Savio Pharma Italia proprietary products.


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Modification of the present terms of use

Savio Pharma Italia reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of use and access to this site without notice by updating the present text. Such revisions are binding for users who are therefore encouraged to periodically check the present Terms and Conditions in order to get informed of any possible updates.